4 Essential Innovations for Medical Reports

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Let’s think of two situations involving medical reports that we are all familiar with.

We are in consultation, and when the doctor finishes examining us, he/she sits down in front of his/her computer, and starts typing.

How long on average does it take the doctor to write up his observations, diagnosis and treatment?

Let’s multiply that time by all the consultations he/she attends daily. How many patients could he/she attend to if he/she had that kind of time?

Now let’s think about another aspect of the medical reports that populate our medical records.

Information is written in free format, narrating antecedents, active prescriptions, symptoms, observations, explorations and conclusions.

Diagnoses and treatments are also written in free text.

Hundreds of thousands of medical reports with all this information are stored in all the centers of the world. But this information cannot be processed, because it is not structured data.

Today we present you the eBook for Medical Reports from Nubentos with the “4 Must-Have Innovations for Medical Reports”.


What are the solutions that come to help in the management of Medical Reports?


Our eBook on Medical Reports gathers a selection of our API Store designed to help improve the management and exploitation of Medical Reports, opening enormous possibilities for clinical management.

Are you interested in learning more about this selection? Great! To learn more about the details of this pack, download now the Medical Reports eBook and contact us to take the final step in the management of your Medical Reports.

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