About Us

Nubentos is the API Marketplace for the Digital Healthcare sector. We bring together the best Healthcare APIs to make them available to the entire healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare App developers can access the APIs, test them, and quickly integrate them into their developments. Healthcare institutions and companies that develop their healthcare software can put the best advances in Digital Health in the hands of their users in a fast, simple and cost-efficient way.

We are a startup born in Cadiz, southern Spain, with a project of great social impact, through the efficient use of technology in health.

We firmly believe in the enormous transformative power of software, a potential that grew exponentially with the democratization of the Internet and smart devices. The hyperconnected society in which we live has the technology necessary to significantly improve our quality of life.

But the software must be properly designed, implemented and integrated. Otherwise we find information silos, failed projects, impossible costs and barriers to innovation that do not really exist. We find that archaic systems, typical of 30 years ago, coexist with innovations that many would consider futuristic, and yet are already available in our present.

Nubentos is our vision on how to facilitate the integration of remote software so that the thousands of innovations that exist and emerge around the world can reach any application, any device, much more population.

No other sector impacts people’s quality of life as much as Health. Universal processes for a globalized and hyperconnected society. The perfect scenario to promote the efficient use of software through the efficient integration of remote services, and positively impact the quality of life of people around the world.

#1 worldwide in COVID-19 APIs (Apimetrics)

Finalists in DKV's Health4Good 2019

1st Prize in 2019 Ayuda-T Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Finalists in Alhambra Venture 2020

Our values

Our mission

To promote and facilitate the adoption of advances in Digital Health and Connected Health by the entire health ecosystem.

Our vision

To become the worldwide reference platform for the distribution of advanced services in Digital Health and Connected Health, and their integration into health software and Health and Wellness Apps.


Everyone has the right to receive the best health care, with the best technological means at their disposal.


The security and privacy of information is a priority in all the services we offer.


We believe in the efficient use of technology as the best way to promote its adoption by society.


Commitment to teamwork, professional development and work-life balance, in a motivating work environment.


We believe in collaborative economics as the best way to generate synergies and boost health services around the world.

Social Commitment

Our daily work is to positively impact society, effectively helping to drive progress in Digital Health.

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