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Nubentos is your strategic partner to push Digital Transformation in your business or your clients. Our collaboration model and holistic approach help our clients save from 9 to 15 months and up to 85% in costs, per project. In addition, we push innovation to a new level, providing a complete and growing lego box, with ready-to-use pieces that can be integrated and combined in any software project.


API developments

Why develop what already exists?

Digital innovations with the most disruptive technologies for
Healthtech Insurtech Fintech Legaltech Foodtech Edtech Proptech HRtech Retailtech Traveltech
are connected and ready to be integrated and combined in your projects

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    We are building the largest and deepest catalog of digital innovations ready to use, and ready to integrate. Use our filter and search tools to easily find the right innovations for your needs.

    Scouting Service

    Can’t you find what you are looking for? Our scouting channels can access local ecosystems in a wide range of markets, to find the innovations that you need and bring them to you.

    No licensing costs

    Access any digital innovation with no licencing costs, to try them online and learn how they work, prior to any aditional costs, prior to any technical effort.


    To help you in the analysis of each solution, all innovations have a functional Proof of Concept. The fastest and most visual way to quickly understand the outcomes that you can get by integrating it in your projects.

    Pay per use

    All innovations are available through a number of consumption tiers, based on pay per use. Pay only for the real use of your integrations, and only when they go live. Auto scaled costs for an ongoing costs saving in your projects.

    Standard and Secure

    We standardize the technological layer, to simplify as never before your third-party integrations. With end-to-end encrypted transactions and OAuth2 protocol for all integrations, data security is guaranteed.

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    APIs to push Innovation

    Discover, access, test and integrate any number of APIs in your projects with one single yearly fee.


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    Get access to our growing catalog for any number of integrations with a single yearly fee.


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    Analyse and test any innovation with no time limitations, no coding and no licensing costs.



    All innovations are connected and served as standard REST APIs. Build better Apps and projects and save time and costs.

    The team behind Nubentos

    In the end, everything works thanks to the people who every day put their best skills and experience at the service of our mission. Enthusiastic, committed and motivated professionals with extensive experience in different sectors.

    Isabel Caballero

    CMO & co-founder

    Manuel Morales

    CEO & founder

    Miguel Falcón

    CTO & co-founder

    Daniel Molleja


    David Santana


    Antonio Marfil

    Front End Developer

    Paula Cantero


    Inmaculada Armenteros

    Sales Director

    Clara García

    Content & Social Media Manager

    Pepe Engo

    Business Development Advisor

    Javier Mendoza

    Medical Advisor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I integrate these APIs through Nubentos instead of going directly to their providers?

    Because every time you face a new project, you have to deal with a number of challenges: scouting, negotiations, licensing costs, integration technologies, ad hoc customizations,… but using Nubentos as your single channel for third-party integrations, you save all those efforts, you save a lot of time and costs, and you develop your projects faster and with more quality.

    Using Nubentos is like using a lego box. 

    How can I use the APIs in the catalog?

    By signing up, you gain access to the whole catalog, in all industries. With no additional cost you can analyse them, try them out, and develop your side of the integrations (since they are already integrated with our platform, like a plug socket). Only for those integrations that go live and reach your end users, will generate an auto-scaled cost which is the result of applying the pay per use fee you chose for each of them, to the number of API requests received from your users.

    Do Nubentos user plans allow me to use the APIs?

    More precisely, our SaaS plans allow you to access all the APIs and their documentation, PoCs and all the resources available in our platform.

    In order to use a specific API, you must subscribe to one of its consumption tiers, with its specific conditions. But these fees won’t apply until we receive API requests with production keys.

    This means that you can subscribe to any number of APIs, test them as long as you want, and develop all the projects that you want. As long as you use sandbox keys, no additional costs will apply.

    Can I change my membership plan even if I already have active API subscriptions?

    You can always change your membership plan in Nubentos, but only if you don’t have active subscriptions above the limits of the new membership plan.

    For example, say that you subscribe to an API in a consumption tier that allows you up to 10.000 requests per month. To do so, your membership level must be at least Basic level.

    If your want to change to the Pro membership level, there will be no problem, since the new membership level will enable your user to access higher consumption tiers for your APIs.

    But you won’t be able to change to the Starter membership level, since your current active API subscription is above the 1.000 requests per month that Starter users can access to.

    Can I change the consumption plan in an API?

    You can always change your consumption plan. To do so, just select any other of the plans published with the API and that new plan will become your active consumption plan, whose rates and conditions will be applied to you when your end users use your integration.

    In case you cannot see a higher consumption tier in the API to subscribe to, check your membership account level. You might need to change to a higher membership level to unlock higher consumption tiers in the whole catalog for your user account.

    Who supports me in the use of the APIs?

    We support you in the use of the API Store, and the provider of each API supports you in the use of their APIs. Each API publishes its documentation in the corresponding documentation tab, and the provider’s contact information, where you can go if you need help with the API.

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