AI API for Diabetes by Medicsen: Use Cases

by | 2 Oct 2019 | 0 comments

Diabetes is one of the world’s most extended chronic deseases. In the next decades, it’s expected to grow unbalanced in different geographic areas depending on their economic development.

Medicsen has created an AI algorithm that can predict the future glucose values of the diabetic patient 1 hour in advance, and has published it in Nubentos, which makes this innovation for Diabetes available for any budget.

In this ebook you will find some of the main Use Cases of their solution.

Solutia Digital Health, new Nubentos partner

Solutia Digital Health, new Nubentos partner

At Nubentos we work every day to drive the adoption of Digital Health into the healthcare ecosystem and society. To do so, we build partnerships with important companies in the sector that share our vision and commitment with Digital Health. Today we have the great...

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