We could not say goodbye to the year without sharing with you that we have a new partner in Digital Health. Cardiolyse signs with Nubentos as a provider to bring to our catalogue its three solutions for the detection and prevention of heart disorders.

Cardiolyse is a cloud-based ECG and HRV analysis platform that enables real-time remote monitoring of cardiac health, providing easy customised reporting, detection and prognosis based on up to two months of data on dangerous heart events. Our new partner brings a holistic approach to help prevent cardiac disorders in high-risk groups, using innovative and clinically proven machine learning algorithms.

Ultimately, they provide comprehensive cardiac health analytics to promote better quality of life for their patients and greater longevity. Their innovations, which will soon see the light of day in the Nubentos catalogue, will provide tools for the monitoring, analysis, prediction and prevention of heart disorders, allowing other players in the ecosystem to benefit from a better offer of health solutions.

Specifically, these are applications for real-time remote monitoring of cardiac health, prevention of cardiac comorbidities due to diabetes and fatigue risk management.

Manuel Morales, CEO and Founder in Nubentos, talks about this latest partnership in 2022, “This is undoubtedly great news for Nubentos and a great reinforcement for our Innovation Ecosystem for Digital Health. Cardiolyse has certified solutions in the field of Cardiology that will surely arouse the interest of our customers, and will be strong candidates to participate in the projects that we are increasingly running into with our current and future customers.”

 With Cardiolyse as one more ally, Nubentos gets one more push to accelerate Digital Health adoption to the healthcare ecosystem. If you are a healthcare innovation provider or looking for digital solutions for your projects, Nubentos is the perfect platform for you. Get to know all the services available in our  Innovation Ecosystem.