Nubentos expands its portfolio of digital health innovations with the addition of a new high caliber supplier partner. We are referring to CogniFit, a company that describes itself as a digital health pioneer dedicated to assessing and improving cognitive health.

CogniFit has been on an unstoppable run since its founding, having created strategic alliances with prestigious hospitals and research institutions and offering its digital services in 18 languages worldwide. Its wellness solutions, based on neuroscientific studies, are designed for brain training and cognitive stimulation.

These innovations, which will soon be available in our digital catalog, are aimed at the improvement, monitoring and treatment of various neurological conditions and cognitive health deterioration, such as depression, attention deficit disorders, epilepsy, etc.

For Nubentos, one of our main goals is to expand the range of innovations in our catalog to multiple healthcare fields for our partners and other players in the ecosystem. In this new collaboration, we seek to raise the quality of our services and our ability to support the digital projects presented to us that require solutions designed for the cognitive health of users and patients.

About this collaboration, Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, shares his vision. “The digital solutions that Cognifit brings to Nubentos have a huge socio-health impact. For us it is a pride and a responsibility to work to accelerate the adoption of these innovations by the whole sector. In fact we have demand for this type of solutions within our Innovation Ecosystem, so we expect great success with this collaboration.”

What is your field of action? What healthcare projects do you want to take forward in Digital Health? Are you looking to launch your healthcare innovation to the market and don’t know where to start? At Nubentos we are waiting with open arms for all players who want to drive the adoption of Digital Health through the development, integration and consumption of innovative and revolutionary solutions, such as CogniFit’s.

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