We start 2023 with the strength of a new agreement with a partner that comes to Nubentos as a consumer of our Digital Health services. We are talking about Cushla Health, a company founded in 2020 in Ireland with a very strong purpose: to empower patients when it comes to accessing their medical records through a secure and easily accessible platform.

Cushla Health enables people to access their medical records and lifestyle information, helping to develop strong partnerships and a more productive dialogue between patients and professionals, leading to better health decisions. 

Its foundation is underpinned by its eagerness to transform the way healthcare data is handled, with the customer at the center of everything, and its team includes specialists with strong medical, technological and business expertise. 

At Nubentos, bringing Digital Health closer to patients and making healthcare innovations more accessible to ecosystem players is what we strive for. That’s why this collaboration with Cushla is a wise move from any angle. Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos, shares his vision of this first collaboration of the year with Cushla: “We are happy to have Cushla Health in our Innovation Ecosystem. Helping patients engage their health and thus empowering patients to effectively improve their quality of life fits perfectly well with our ultimate goal, and we have a very interesting collaboration roadmap ahead. Great things will happen from this collaboration, for sure.” 

Meanwhile, Richard Egan, CEO of Cushla Health, gives us his vision: “We are delighted to be working with Nubentos. We had a very specific challenge initially in our heart age calculator and we found the CardioAPI that solved the problem. It quickly became apparent that there are many more solutions of interest to us in the Nubentos suite and we will certainly be exploring other services to see how they could enhance the Cushla offering.” 

Nubentos puts at the service of its partners and consumers its experience and knowledge on the adoption of Digital Health and the opportunity to be listed in our digital catalog or to access the most innovative solutions to enhance their own services. 

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