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Develop new Apps for Health and Wellness

Discover more APIs, try them out and integrate them at no cost.


Discover the best APIs for Health

Nubentos brings them together in the API Store to help you develop better products. If you don’t find the one you need, ask us.


Auto-scaled costs

Do you have few users? Use a small consumption plan. Do you have more users? Switch to a larger plan. In all cases, your costs are adjusted to the actual usage of your plan. If your users stop using the API, your costs simply disappear.

Sin coste

Test and integrate free of charge

In Nubentos you can test them as long as you need in our online test console, and integrate them into your developments at no cost.


Monitor your users

Control possible misuse that can put your costs at risk and anticipate peak usage that suggests changing your consumption plan so that your costs are optimal at all times.

API Store

Paid APIs at your fingertips

In Nubentos you do not pay for licenses to access the API, even if it is a paid API. Pay-per-use allows you to defer your costs until your users already have your product.

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