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Nubentos’ mission is to accelerate and globalize the adoption of Digital Health. Helping simplify and speed up the buying process for our customers is key to advancing our mission.

After reaching the market in 2021, at Nubentos we realized that we could reduce this process by incorporating one more step into our publication process, which would save time and resources for all our clients.

These are the Proofs of Concept, which this year we are incorporating into all published APIs and those that are published in the future.

What are Nubentos’ Proofs of Concept?


A Proof of Concept in Nubentos is a small web application that integrates an API published in our catalog of digital solutions for Health. It is an example of the use case of said API, and allows you to see a typical integration of that API working.


Why are Proofs of Concept necessary in Nubentos?


The objective that we pursue from Nubentos by including the Proof of Concept in the publication process of each API is to help our clients shorten the decision-making process.

Although the concept “API” is increasingly known by positions with responsibility in companies in the Health sector, it is still a technical concept that is not very intuitive.

Our executive profile users, who participate in our clients’ decision-making, need a tool that helps them see that solution functionally, a tool totally oriented to the business use case that each API in our portfolio will have. And that tool is precisely the Proof of Concept.


What do the Proofs of Concept contribute to the Nubentos client?


With the Nubentos Proofs of Concept, our clients can see the API working in a very similar way to how they will see it when it is integrated into their applications. They will have a much more real and complete idea about the possibilities it offers, and in this way they will be able to make faster and much better informed purchase decisions.

With this new feature, we are saving all our clients the development of pilots and demo projects to precisely assess each API from a business perspective. And this assessment can be done from scratch, without having to run a development, simply by exploring our catalog.


How to access the Nubentos Proofs of Concept?


The first Proofs of Concept are now available in the Nubentos API Store.

Accessing them is very simple.

In the API detail tab, the availability of its Proof of Concept is displayed.

Prueba de Concepto Nubentos Proofs of Concept

 To access it, the user must be logged in. This will display the link to launch the application.

Prueba de Concepto NubentosPrueba de Concepto Nubentos Proofs of Concept

Once inside, in the configuration area at the top, you must provide a valid token to use the Proof of Concept, that is, to send authorized requests to the API.

Prueba de Concepto Nubentos Proofs of Concept

You’ll need to get that token in the usual way:
1. Subscribe to the API in a given application
2. Generate the token in the application

Here we’re referring to the internal application that’s used by the API Store to manage API subscriptions. Once the valid token has been entered in the Proof of Concept configuration area, you can use it normally as long as the token is valid.

Prueba de Concepto Nubentos Proofs of Concept


The result returned by the API will be displayed on the interface in a similar way to how it can be displayed once integrated into the final client software.

Prueba de Concepto Nubentos Proofs of Concept

 You can run the Proof of Concept again with other values ​​simply by clicking on “Go to form” in the upper left corner.



At Nubentos we are taking firm steps towards building an innovation ecosystem in Digital Health that not only makes this technology at the service of Health more accessible but also affordable for everyone.

The Nubentos Proofs of Concept allow our clients to save a very significant time and resources, between 2 and 6 months, in the decision making process, since they allow them to immediately see a functional example of each API already integrated in an application. Our clients can see from the first moment how the API will be already integrated into their software products.

Throughout 2022 and onwards, all the Proofs of Concept of the already published APIs will be available, and the new APIs that are published will do so with their linked Proof of Concept.

Nubentos Proofs of Concept are available for our users with a Basic account or above.