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Innovation Ecosystem for the adoption of Digital Health

At Nubentos we are creating the Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem, with the common goal of driving and accelerating innovation in Digital Health and its adoption worldwide.

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IT Services

Healthtech, startups and scaleups

Whatever your Digital Health use case is, if your product is an API or if your clients systematically ask you to integrate your service into their systems, don't waste your resources client by client, project by project. Nubentos' Innovation Ecosystem will save you a lot of time and costs: we help you reach more customers and users effortlessly. Publish once, integrate wherever you want.

R+D+i, Consultancy and ICT Services for Health, Medical Centers, Insurers, Telemedicine, Pharmas

Finding the best third-party innovations for Healthcare, testing them and integrating them into your projects can easily take 1 to 2 years per project. With Nubentos you will save between 9 and 15 months per project, and up to 85% in costs. Our Innovation Ecosystem puts a lego box in your hands, with all the pieces connected and standardized, to combine them and create more innovative applications that would otherwise take you years to build.

Accelerators, Clusters, Associations

The Digital Health projects that arise from your activity systematically go through the same stage: integrating the innovation of the startup or scaleup in the project of your partners. Helping your members to significantly reduce these recurring costs by 85%, and save between 9 and 15 months per project, is a contribution of great value that we can bring to you from our Innovation Ecosystem.

Consultants, Integrators, API Experts

Your role in the adoption of Digital Health is crucial. You can help innovative companies to have an API in the best conditions for the market. You can help healthcare institutions when they do not have the necessary IT resources to integrate innovations into their projects. From our Innovation Ecosystem, we can help each other to grow driving Digital Health.

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