This year 2023 began by welcoming a new partner to our Innovation Ecosystem, with whom we have signed a valuable collaboration agreement: Microdata. Well, we can finally announce that their e-signature innovation, efirma GO, is now 100% available and published in our Digital Health solutions catalog.

Let’s talk a little about Microdata. This recent partner provides coverage to all types of players in the ecosystem, from consultancies to Human Resources departments, providing a service that covers professional and digital needs and brings tax, labor and administrative solutions to these companies.

One of these solutions is efirma GO, a software developed by Microdata that allows the user to sign electronic documents quickly, easily and securely, facilitating the verification of the validity of the signature.

efirma GO guarantees the integrity of the documents signed by the EU eIDAS regulation, by means of a private certificate from the FNMT and time stamping by a qualified trusted electronic services provider. The signer is uniquely identified by collecting the biometric data of his handwritten signature.

The process is very simple. You just upload the document you want to sign, determine where you want the signature to go on the document and send it to the recipients for signature. This simplifies the sending, signing and control of documents from anywhere, instantly, something that is essential to meet the needs of the technological market in the health sector.

The efirmaGO signature solution is easy to integrate and covers all the legal requirements that this type of service must meet.” Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, comments. “We are delighted to have a partner like Microdata and its e-signature solution in our portfolio. It is a very important reinforcement for a relevant use case in the Health sector and in other sectors.”

From now on, efirma GO is included in our catalog of innovations as one of the e-signature solutions that you can test and integrate securely and at no cost thanks to the service with customized price plans offered by Nubentos.

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