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The best innovations in Digital Health and Connected Health

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We Promote Connected Health


Connected Health (mHealth, Wearables, Telemedicine, IoMT, etc), is revolutionizing the sector by putting the patient at the forefront of information. Nubentos takes the role that Connected Health needs to promote B2B Interoperability in the entire Health Ecosystem.

Rapidly integrate the best Healthcare innovations


Introducing the API Economy in healthcare, so that the software used by the healthcare professional integrates, quickly and cost effectively, all the progress that Connected Health is bringing and will bring in the coming decades. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, Advanced Vademecum, Medical Agenda, Electronic Signature,…

We select the best Healthcare APIs

and put them in the hands of Healthcare software manufacturers, integrators and startups for Healthcare

Do you have APIs for Health?

Nubentos is your perfect partner to up-scale and monetize your APIs and increase your turnover at no cost.

Do you develop or integrate Healthcare software?

In Nubentos you have the best free resource with the necessary tools to easily integrate the best innovations in Connected Health into your software.

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