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HL7 FHIR comes to Nubentos in 2021!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not quite clear on what Nubentos is and how I can use it

Nubentos is a platform for health software developers. If you are dedicated to developing Apps for Health and Wellness, or developing, integrating and maintaining software for companies or institutions in the Health sector, then Nubentos is for you.

We bring you the best Health APIs from around the world, so you can discover them, test them and integrate them into your developments. And all in the same platform. You will no longer have to “get along” with each vendor in the classic and complex integration projects.

How much does it cost to use Nubentos to integrate APIs for Health in my developments?

Nothing. Signing up to the Nubentos API Store is free, and using all our tools to test and integrate APIs into your digital health products, is free of charge. Now you can access expensive innovations in Digital Health with an unbeatable cost model.

And how can I access these paid APIs if Nubentos is free?

Some APIs in our catalogue are indeed paid APIs. But all the tools we provide you with in Nubentos are free. Subscribing to a paid API to integrate it into your software does not imply any cost when using Nubentos.

But here comes another huge advantage of using Nubentos: the cost per use or per contracted consumption segment you have subscribed to, starts only when your new product or product version is in the hands of your end users, and they make use of the API. And the cost is also auto-scaled to the actual use they make. If they don’t use it, your costs disappear. If you do very well with your software product and you gain more and more users, your costs go up in a way that is totally adjusted to the increased usage your subscription receives. And you can always change your consumption plan so that your costs are always optimal.

If I subscribe to a paid API, who will bill me?

In all cases, when your users start generating use of your Nubentos subscription, we will invoice you at the end of each month for the amount resulting from applying the contracted rate to the number of uses made (taxes apart). So you don’t have to worry about anything. As a Nubentos user, we will invoice you.

What does the "SOON" status of some APIs mean?

APIs in “Soon” status are APIs that are either being published in Nubentos and will soon be available to you, or are APIs that are exploring market interest to decide whether to publish their API in Nubentos or not. In any case, if you are interested in one of these APIs, do not hesitate to indicate it by filling out the form of interest that you will find in its file. The more interest we receive about an API, the more likely it is that it will be incorporated to our catalogue in a short time so that you can integrate it into your developments.

API developers

What is Nubentos

Nubentos is your reference platform for the integration of advanced Digital Health services into Health and Wellness Software and Apps.

We foster and facilitate the adoption of advances in Digital Health around the world, so that they reach as many health professionals and citizens as possible.

Do you have an API?

You can publish your API with Nubentos, contact us and we will tell you the advantages of collaborating with us.

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How it works


Our partners speak for us

Serge Winther, IT Director for LATAM and Spain, Vidal Vademecum:

We encourage the use of these tools by clients as they facilitate an important part of the way forward in the achievement of integration projects. Publishing in Nubentos has been easy, and we have had good technical support to help us, and this point is always appreciated.

Jose Carlos Montesinos, CTO at Medicsen:

Nubentos allows us to give our customers the additional functionalities that an API should offer them. In addition, it is very helpful to us, allowing us to focus our development on the core of the API. The Nubentos platform is really easy to use, allowing us to have the API published in their store in a matter of minutes.

Marc Piqueras, Channel Manager at Signaturit:

This is a win-win for both companies. The professionalism of the Nubentos team is proven from the first contact. Furthermore, the main thing in a collaboration relationship is trust and in this case our confidence with Nubentos is maximum.

Anna Echegaray, Open Innovation and Business Development at DKV Services:

If we want to be agile and competitive in the market we need to open up to third parties. We believe that Nubentos is the ideal partner to help us discover APIs that bring value to our customers and facilitate integration.



signing up before January 31, 2021.

The discount is for your first year as a registered user.

You will receive a promotional code that you can redeem when you complete your registration, if you wish, throughout 2021.

We will keep you informed of everything!

All our plans give you access to all the APIs in the catalog, interactive test console, application, subscriptions and token management for production and sandbox, analytics and 10 SDKs in each API.

Choose the plan you prefer, depending on the number of monthly uses you expect to have for each API you want to integrate into your software, and if you want to access the standard HL7® FHIR® interfaces

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