Enhance your customers’ digital experience

Increase their satisfaction and their commitment with the best services in Digital Health and Connected Health


Easily incorporate Telemedicine services into your offer

Nubentos is your free integration platform, which simplifies the integration of new Telemedicine services to accompany your users wherever they are.


Boost your digital strategy while optimizing your costs

Forget about expensive licenses to be able to use the best APIs for Health. With Nubentos your costs only appear when your users use your integration, and they always adjust to the use they make.


Improve your digital products at the lowest cost

The best APIs for Digital Health and Connected Health, at your fingertips to test them and integrate them into your platforms and Apps at no cost.


Efficient integration of services and data

Integrate services and exchange data efficiently, with full autonomy, for better risk, resource and cost management.

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Build user loyalty with enhanced digital services

Medical devices, personalized advice, remote monitoring, preventive medicine… all on the same platform for you to integrate into your digital products.

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