Nubentos networks are expanding every day thanks to our team’s efforts to offer the best integrated Digital Health services, at no cost and without the need for code. And this is something that many players in the ecosystem observe and appreciate, as is the case of Integrando Salud, our new partner that has chosen the Nubentos platform to offer its own users a 360º medical software service with the best healthcare tools. 

Integrando Salud is a platform dedicated to improving the way healthcare professionals look after their patients’ health. It responds to the needs and problems that arise every day in healthcare institutions, resolving and streamlining the usual clinical processes of healthcare centres, making healthcare more efficient.

 Given the broad spectrum of action that Integrando Salud covers, it is not surprising that Nubentos is a great partnership option, as we have numerous tools in our API Store that will allow this new partner to improve its healthcare offering.

 Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, discusses the significance of this new alliance with us. “For Nubentos, having the trust of a growing company with a clear vocation for integration such as Integrando Salud is a new boost to our mission of accelerating the adoption of Digital Health throughout the ecosystem. Dr. Sergio Montenegro has been following us for a long time and the approach has been constant until we found the perfect moment to join our paths and partnership. We are happy with this new agreement.”

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