You may remember that in April 2021, the Kunsen accelerator nominated Nubentos in the TOP10 as a Digital Health startup and today, a year and a half later, we are pleased to announce that our professional relationship takes a step further. From now on, a new partnership agreement with Kunsen makes us their new technology partner as a company specialised in the integration of Digital Health solutions. 

Kunsen, the Digital Health accelerator

As a Digital Health accelerator, Kunsen is committed to the union between Health and Technology, placing itself at the centre of this intersection to facilitate the path for companies that need it.  In addition, among its partners is the ASPE, the Spanish Private Healthcare Alliance, an organisation that brings together almost 1,300 private healthcare entities.

 In order to enter into this powerful partnership between actors, Nubentos offers a new and advantageous capacity to the role played by the accelerator: the reduction of deadlines and costs for those projects developed by the participating startups and the ecosystem partners. In other words: we will greatly facilitate the access of private healthcare to the most advanced innovations in Digital Health. 

Adrian Gorritxo, Accelerator Developer at Kunsen talks about this partnership from the accelerator side. “It is difficult for the healthcare sector to efficiently integrate the innovations that arise in Digital Health. At Kunsen we consider it key to be able to help the hospital sector in this recurring stage of the process, and Nubentos is the partner that helps us accelerate the process of adopting Digital Health solutions.

Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos, , for his part, also bets on success when he tells us about this big step in the history of Nubentos. “Being a Kunsen partner is a great step forward for us and is part of our global market access strategy. Both Kunsen and Nubentos are strengthened in our common mission to drive the adoption of Digital Health. We will soon see success stories as a result of this partnership. 

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