Medical centres

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Put the patient and their data at the centre of your care strategy

Centros médicos

Improve your resource management and patient satisfaction

Remote patient monitoring allows you to reduce the burden of care in your centers and anticipate health problems, significantly improving the quality of life of your patients.

Cloud data

Eliminate information silos and move towards real interoperability

Integrate your patient-generated data (PGHD) into your clinical trial, EMR and EHR systems simply and economically.

Apps salud

Improve the engagement of your patients and your quality of care

Add new digital services to your Apps and get more information about their health and habits to offer them better quality care.


Integrating third-party software has never been easier

Forget the traditional integration projects, complex, expensive and inefficient. Take advantage of decoupled, sustainable and scalable system architectures with our API integration platform.

Herramientas software

Give your healthcare professionals the best software tools

Early detection, decision support or predictive software are just a few examples of AI services that you can easily integrate into your medical software with Nubentos.

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