We have a strong start to 2023 thanks to a collaboration that we have just sealed with a new partner in Digital Health. We are talking about Microdata, an ecosystem of automated programs that allows to do everything from a single software and that will soon bring to Nubentos one of its digital e-signature solutions: efirma GO. 

Microdata works as software providing coverage to consultancies and companies of all kinds, from large corporations to freelancers, traders, independent professionals, pymes and even Human Resources departments. Its solutions provide profitability, professionalism and competitiveness, and with such a profile, it was clear that a it was clear that a collaboration between the two was going to be necessary.

 At Nubentos we are always looking to incorporate the best suppliers to our innovation ecosystem, to help us continue nourishing our catalog with the best digital solutions. In this case, we are pleased to announce that Microdata has developed a digital solution called efirma GO, which will soon be part of our portfolio.

 efirma GO is the e-signature software developed by Microdata that allows the signature of electronic documents in a fast and simple way and makes it easier for the user to verify the validity of the signature. With efirma GO, the actors of the healthcare ecosystem who need it will find a solution to provide security and efficiency to the signature of their healthcare documents. In addition, this tool has the legal guarantee provided by the EU eIDAS Regulation.

 “The e-signature is a cross-cutting use case for virtually any industry, and in Healthcare there are important use cases for this technology.”, comments Manuel Morales, CEO and Founder in Nubentos. “Having Microdata’s efirma GO solution allows us to offer more options to our customers with an excellent solution that complies with all the regulations in this field. All a guarantee for our customers, so we are very happy with this Agreement.”

 For their part, efirma Go shares their vision of this agreement. “The Nubentos team has helped us in a clear and diligent way for the implementation of our API in their ecosystem. The value proposition offered by Nubentos is fundamental to meet the needs of the technological market in the healthcare sector and the collaboration between Nubentos and efirma GO, comes to improve the productivity of signature processes in the healthcare environment“.

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