Now available: API Precise, for automatic interpretation of ECGs

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At Nubentos we want to make sure that you always have access to the latest digital innovations in the healthcare ecosystem, and for this reason we are working closely with the best vendors in the API market, such as BeSure.Online.

BeSure.Online is a data platform for care and monitoring, both inside and outside a clinical or hospital environment, that helps older people live independent and healthy lives.

Its digital solutions help prevent strokes, mitigate cardiovascular risks, support medical decisions and optimise patients’ health plans. BeSure performs real-time analysis of key health indicators in order to predict the emergence of emerging situations.

With this kind of work, it was only logical that they become our partner, don’t you think? That’s why we are pleased to announce that BeSure.Online’s new API, PRECISE, the only cloud-based API for automatic interpretation of detailed electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, is now available in the Nubentos API Store.

Precise provides accurate and instantaneous monitoring that would identify patients at high cardiovascular risk and respiratory complications. The API maintains 24/7 monitoring of patients, providing analytics to support clinical decisions.

Olga Chumakova, Co-Founder of BeSure Healthcare B.V. shared her thoughts on the recent launch of PRECISE on the Nubentos API Store: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Nubentos. Together with Nubentos API Marketplace, we will offer an accurate, fast and efficient ECG interpretation solution: healthcare vendors and clinicians around the world will modernise their ECG diagnostic routine to improve accuracy, content, processing and cost-effectiveness. We believe this collaboration will increase the level of service to healthcare vendors and promote our mutual growth.

For his part, Manuel Morales, Co-Founder of Nubentos, The API Marketplace, confirms these words and provides his own insight into this recent collaboration. “The release of the Precise API is the fruit of an excellent collaboration and willingness on the part of the Besure team. With this API our portfolio is strengthened with an advanced solution for clinical use and with such an important impact on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is definitely a great partnership for us”.

The Nubentos API Marketplace is constantly adding new innovations and digital solutions to bring Digital Health closer to the world.

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