Nubentos, as you know, brings together in its catalogue all kinds of Digital Health solutions aimed at facilitating healthcare work in the ecosystem. Differential diagnosis is an essential part of the healthcare process and to carry it out, healthcare professionals need the support of the best symtom checkers.

Improve patient triage and reduce clinical uncertainty with Isabel Symptom Checker

Isabel Healthcare’s new tool, the Isabel Symptom Checker API, will soon be available in our API Store. Using the most sophisticated pattern recognition technology available, the Isabel Symptom Checker API matches clinical characteristics with the diseases that patients record. This solution is designed to help them understand their symptoms and guide them to the right place of care.

At Nubentos we seek quality above all else, so this new partnership with Isabel Healthcare was only a matter of time, as this provider assures us 96% accuracy in matching clinical features from a registry of 6,000 diseases and 4,000 drugs.

In the words of Manuel Molares, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos,We have identified a clear demand in the ecosystem to integrate Symptom Checkers into the digital ecosystems of healthcare institutions. This agreement with Isabel Healthcare is very important for the advancement of Nubentos, in its mission to respond to the needs of the sector in Digital Health. We are delighted to have them on board.

Our platform provides space for the most advanced healthcare technology solutions and is expanding more and more every day. Enter our catalogue now and discover the best tool you need to improve your clinical performance, support your healthcare decisions and bring more value to your treatments.