Pricing Policy

Last update: July 2019.

This document briefly presents the Pricing Policy of Nubentos The API Marketplace For Health SL, hereinafter Nubentos.

What is free in Nubentos?

For the API Provider:

  • The access by our clients to the Nubentos API Publisher through access credentials provided by Nubentos.
  • The use of all the functionalities of the Nubentos API Publisher:
    1. Publishing
    2. Lifecycle Management
    3. Documentation
    4. Monetization
    5. Security
    6. Analytics
  • Our platform administration tasks and, in particular, the work space of our clients. Some examples of these tasks are:
    1. new access credentials
    2. creation / modification of pricing plans so that you can publish them in your APIs
    3. creation / modification of throttling policies at backend, API and / or resources level
  • Access to quick guides and other support documentation.
  • The promotion of their APIs through Inbound Marketing techniques.
  • Email alerts. The client can choose the alerts that he/she wants to be sent to an email list, among the alert types available:
    1. Unusual response time
    2. Unusual backend response  time
    3. Unusual requests count
    4. Unusual resource access
    5. Unknown IP access
    6. Unusual access token renewal
    7. Extra requests
    8. Unusual API usage
    9. API Availability

For API consumers:

  • Access the Nubentos API Store and view the information of each API.
  • Sign up in the Nubentos API Store to see more details of the APIs and subscribe to the ones you want.
  • Subscribe to the APIs that are of your interest, selecting/creating an Application and one of the subscription plans published in the API (either Free, Freemium or Paid).
  • The other features of the Nubentos API Store, such as the use of the API Console for testing, management of APIs around Applications, management of OAuth2 tokens, and usage analytics.
  • The execution of tests through invocations to the “sandbox” version of the published APIs.
  • Access to quick guides and other support documentation.

Conditions for the API Provider for the free use of Nubentos

The gratuity of the service offered by Nubentos, collected in the previous section, is conditioned for the API provider to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The present agreement duly signed by the client must be sent to Nubentos within 60 calendar days immediately following the date indicated in the signature.
  2. The publication of at least one API by the client, must be made within 90 calendar days immediately following the date on which we receive the agreement signed by the client, this period being negotiable.
  3. The term that is finally established for the publication of at least one API by the client, can not be extended.
  4. For the fulfillment of these terms the third quarter (June, July and August) will count as 2 calendar months.
  5. In the event that these conditions are not fulfilled without just cause, the client expressly accepts that access to the functionalities of Nubentos described in the previous section has a fee of:
    1. 100,00 €/month (monthly billing, by default)
    2. 1100,00 €/year (yearly billing)
  6. At the moment in which the deadlines are not fulfilled without just cause, the client acquires this payment obligation.
  7. The billing frequency of this fee will be monthly by default, being able to change to annual invoicing by requesting it by mail.

Monetization of the APIs

  • Our clients are responsible for establishing the fees applicable to their APIs.
  • Your monthly billing is calculated by applying this fee to the traffic volume received in production each month, for each API and for each consumer.
  • Each of our customers is responsible for billing consumers for their APIs usage. Nubentos will provide the usage metrics of each API for each consumer in each period.
  • There are two modalities of monetization for our clients’ APIs:
    • Pay per use, which establishes a fee for each call to the API. Call limits can be established and therefore different ranges of rates depending on the use. For example:
      • € 0.05 per request, no request limit
      • € 0.025 per request, up to 10,000 requests per month
      • € 0.06 per request, up to 2,000 requests per day
      • € 0.02 per request, up to 20,000 requests per month, and € 0.05 per extra request
    • Quota per tiers, which establishes a monthly flat rate, usually associated with certain use levels. For example:
      • € 60 per month, up to 1,000 requests per day
      • € 100 per month, up to 10,000 requests per month, and € 0.05 per extra request
      • € 500 per month, unlimited requests
      • Free, up to 100 requests per month

Billing our clients

  • Nubentos billing applies only to traffic received on the Production version of the published APIs.
  • In each invoice will be included, if any, the extra services contracted by the client that were applicable to each period.
  • Nubentos will invoice its customers on a monthly basis, within the first 7 days of the month following the invoiced period. The payment of those invoices must be made within the month in which the invoice is issued, that is, in the month immediately following the invoiced period.
  • The commission charged by Nubentos will be charged on the amounts invoiced and charged by the customer to the consumers of its API, in such a way that it will never cause the client a higher cost than the income obtained by the client through the platform.

Additional services

Nubentos provides an additional service line:


This service consists of an expert Consultancy service in B2B Interoperability for Healthcare. It is a service aimed at advising companies that want to establish an efficient API strategy, with the ultimate goal of taking advantage of the API Economy in their business strategy.

Our prices

Publishing Publish your APIs within 10 minutes
Compatible with Open API Publish in seconds from Swagger
Life Cycle Management Manage the life cycle of your APIs with one click
Analytics Monitor your APIs usage
Alerts Receive in an email list automatic alerts about your APIs
OAuth2 Add a security layer to your APIs
Custom Throttling policies Protect your backend from suspicious bursts with custom throttling policies
Monetization Get more revenues in a scalable model
Pay per use and Quota per tiers Set up your pricing plans by pay per use and/or quota per tiers
Free, Freemium and Paid plans Total flexibility to make your APIs more attractive
Newsletters promotion Outstand in the health software development community
Promotional content We create interesting content to attract new consumers
Launch campaign Announcing your API to your target markets with a launch campaign
Comision 20% If you publish your API in 2019 (early adopter), you will have your first 3 bills without charges (neither the commission nor the alerts you hire)


Business Consultancy €1,000.00 If you are not sure if your company is ready to publish your APIs and increase your revenues, we help you assess your situation and give you guidance about the steps to follow
50% discount on this service for new customers in 2019 (API published in 2019 – early adopters)
IT Consultancy Quotation We help you optimize your IT infrastructure for your API strategy


Nubentos can modify this Pricing Policy at any time.

These changes, if they occur, will be notified to all our clients with sufficient notice.

Once these changes have been notified, we will understand that they are accepted by our clients if they do not notify us in the 14 days following that communication with their non-compliance. In case of non-compliance, our customers may unsubscribe from our services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use governing their commercial relationship with Nubentos, and which are published on the Nubentos website (