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All our plans include

Access to API Store

Access the world’s largest catalog of APIs for Digital Health. Find the best innovations for AI, Telemedicine, IoT for Health, and much more from one place.

Online test console

Access all APIs at no additional cost, and test them online without the need to develop code. Test the solutions and learn how they work before developing integrations.

10 SDK for each API

We generate 10 SDKs to facilitate the interaction of your software with our API Gateway and with each API. We cover all major platforms and technologies, such as iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, GO, C#, etc.

Wide range of consumption plans

In each API you will find different consumption plans with different fees. Whether you are a small company or you are in the initial stages of your project, you will find the rates that best suit your case. We make Digital Health accessible and affordable for the entire ecosystem.

Full Documentation

Access all the documentation provided by the suppliers of the best innovations for Digital Health. Technical, business, regulatory, etc. documentation. The information needed by your business and technical areas, just a click away.


End-to-end encrypted transactions. OAuth2 protocol for all APIs. We standardize the technological layer and the way to integrate third party solutions in your software projects. We significantly simplify life for your IT team, and reduce maintenance costs.


Do you want to test each API without generating consumption costs? Use the Sandbox environment keys for each API and test them without generating consumption costs. In the APIs that do not publish Sandbox environment, use the freemium plans available to test them at no cost.

Filtering tools

Browsing page by page through the world’s largest catalogue of Digital Health innovations, it can be difficult to find what you need. That’s why we put tools in your hands to help you quickly locate the solutions that meet your criteria and meet your needs.

In addition…

Included in


  • Everything included in the Free plan plus:

    • Basic Scouting service
    • Providers support
    • Community support for API Store
    • Basic analytics

Basic Scouting Service

We locate and bring the APIs you need to Nubentos. Quarterly meetings to monitor your needs and integrations, and monthly reporting on the API catalogue.

Providers Support

We locate and bring the APIs you need to Nubentos. Quarterly meetings to monitor your needs and integrations, and monthly reporting on the API catalogue.

Community Support for API Store

We answer your support tickets within 24h, from 9:00 to 18:00h (GMT+1).

Basic Analytics

Analyse the actual usage of your integrations by your end users.

Included in


  • Everything included in the Starter plan plus:

    • Proofs of Concept
    • Advanced filtering


Each API published in Nubentos includes a basic but functional Proof of Concept, to help you understand the main use cases of the APIs without the need for technical knowledge.

Advanced filtering

Quickly find APIs that comply with major international regulations, and other advanced filters important for your Digital Health projects.

Included in


  • Everything included in the Basic plan plus:

    • Team
    • Advanced Scouting
    • Premium support for API Store
    • Advanced analytics


Our Team mode allows you to add more user accounts to your main user account to share applications and subscriptions across your team.

Advanced Scouting

Monthly monitoring of your needs, subscriptions and integrations, monthly reporting of the Packs catalogue, meetings and demos with providers.

Premium support for API Store

Your support tickets are answered in less than 6 hours, 24×7.

Advanced Analytics

Add to your basic analytics the control of your costs: evolution of your costs, forecast based on active subscriptions, etc…

Included in


  • Everything included in Pro plan plus:

    • FHIR®️ Interfaces
    • Enhanced Team
    • PoCs’ source code

FHIR®️ Interfaces

We integrate different providers behind the standard use case interface, so you can integrate once and forget about changes made by the provider. If you change providers, you don’t have to redo your integration.

PoCs' source code

Access the source code of the Proofs of Concept of the published APIs.

Enhanced Team

Our enhanced Team mode includes 3 user accounts associated with your account. You can add as many as you want.

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Clear up your doubts

How do you combine the user plan’s fee and the consumption of APIs?

Your user account must be subscribed to a user plan in order to give you access to our Developer Portal. From that moment you will be charged only the user plan’s fee. Then you will start working with all APIs of your interest, in our Developer Portal, trying the APIs in our online console, developing your integrations and so on, with no additional cost.

To do so, you will have to subscribe to a specific consumption plan for each API you want to interact with. Those consumption plans set a fee for each API request or for using the whole tier.

That fee will be charged, together with your user plan’s fee, only when your integrations are used by your end users.

What does the usage limitation of each plan mean?

Every API offers a number of consumption plans with a specific fee, covering low-consumption, mid-consumption and high-consumption levels. Our user plans give you access to the whole catalog, but scaled to your “size” in terms of the volume of API requests per month you will have.

Starter plan will give you access to only the consumption levels of up to 1.000 API calls per month for each API. Basic plan, Pro plan and Business plan enable you to upscale your consumption capacity by opening higher consumption levels in all APIs for you to use.

Why do you ask for a card to create a Free account?

Our Free account gives you access to all the Free and Freemium consumption plans of all the APIs in the catalogue. This means that you can subscribe to APIs that set a certain fee to use them after a certain number of monthly uses. This is why we must ask you for a valid means of payment.

Only if your projects reach consumption levels that imply a cost in a certain API you will be charged for that paid consumption. In any other case, your Free account will not generate any cost at all.

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