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Create the user accounts that will access it

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Set up the pricing policies to be offered with your API

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We share with you the revenue generated by each integration of each client, with a commission of 20%.

Nubentos is your channel for the API Economy

More customers

Thousands and thousands of companies developing software in different industries are looking to reduce costs and access third-party innovations to accelerate their projects

Save costs

Nubentos is the channel that allows you to reach more customers for your APIs, with virtually zero acquisition cost. Publish once, to be integrated into more and more projects, effortlessly

High scalability

Pay-per-use allows you to offer a wide range of prices and tiers, which greatly opens up the commercial target for your APIs, and allows you to scale your revenue faster


All solutions published in the Nubentos API Store are exposed as standard REST APIs, simplifying the development work of your new customers

Frequenly Asked Questions

I am already integrating my API with different clients, why should I use Nubentos?

We are sure that your product is of quality, and you have the necessary means to integrate your API in different clients. But you’re probably facing scenarios similar to:

  • Some clients, if not all, need small (or not so small) adaptations or developments to integrate your service.
  • Some customers use technologies that complicate integration with your service.
  • Each integration is being resolved with specific projects, perhaps lasting weeks or months, involving technicians from both companies, and requiring constant “sharing” and decisions on data, interface, process flow, etc.

All these efforts make your customer acquisition more expensive. Not only that, they also make your maintenance and support costs more expensive. And they probably limit your ability to improve your products and develop new services.

At Nubentos, all of these scenarios simply disappear:

  • You integrate your API with Nubentos once. End of the process for you.
  • Your new customers integrate with Nubentos to consume your API.
  • Cost increase for you: zero euros for each new customer
  • Savings for each new customer acquired through Nubentos: 100%.
Where should I upload my SDK and documentation?

If you already have an SDK, and you are offering it by any other means, you can continue to do so. Nubentos does not require exclusivity, although being your exclusive sales channel maximizes the profitability of using Nubentos.

If you are not yet commercializing your API, we recommend you to take advantage of our technology to save time, effort and costs, and maximize revenue, making Nubentos your commercialization channel for your API.

Nubentos automatically generates 10 SDKs for each published API. We make sure that your new customers will find the technology that best suits them to integrate your API. If your API requires a specific and complex front end (for example to use the phone’s camera), and you want to offer your own SDK to help the development of a correct integration, you can include it as part of your API documentation.

As for the documentation, you have a specific section to publish it in different formats. It is very important that you take special care of this section, because it is key for you to attract new customers. Do not forget to reference the endpoints published by Nubentos for your API.

Can I control which customers subscribe to my API?

Yes. Although the greatest agility is achieved with automatic subscription, we understand that in Healthcare there are business cases that require total control over who uses the service. That is why you can request that we activate an advanced subscription process for you, which consists of the new client requesting the subscription, and you can authorize or reject it.

In addition, you can block a subscriber at any time, for any reason. For example, for misuse of your service, excessive number of errors, etc.

How does billing work? Should I bill each new customer or will you do so?

At Nubentos we want to simplify the whole process, and this one too. At the end of each month, Nubentos issues an invoice to each API consumer for 100% of the consumption made. At the same time, we send you a summary of the consumption received by your API, which you will use to invoice Nubentos for 80% of that consumption. We will pay your bill by bank transfer.

How can I have a Proof of Concept of my APIs?

Proofs of Concept are especially interesting to help potential customers analyze your APIs and choose them for their projects.

If you already have one, the ideal is to link it to your API file in the Nubentos API Store. If you don’t have one, we can develop it to boost your chances of sales even more.

If you are interested, just contact us for a quote.

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