One integration, millions of users.

Nubentos is the reference portal for the discovery and integration of advanced services in Digital Health.

How it works

In Nubentos publishing your API is:



Our publishing assistant will guide you in 3 easy steps.


You can have your API published in 2 weeks or less.


No cost

We only charge upon your success: if you don’t grow up, we won’t either.

Which is your case?

I want to open a new income channel by monetizing my services.

Focus on your services and save yourself the development of the management of:

  • Users
  • Tokens
  • Test Console
  • Life cicle
  • Monetization
  • Monitoring
  • Throttling
  • SDKs

Use Nubentos as your sales channel for your API to quickly increase your customers and users.

I already have an API on the market and I want to publish it in the Nubentos API Store.

  • There’s no additional cost for you.
  • It allows you to add marketing and sales capabilities to your current strategy.
  • It allows you a global reach.
  • It gives you additional tools to control the use of your API.
  • It allows you, if you want, to control who uses your API through Nubentos.

We are a startup and we are developing innovative algorithms for Health.

We have designed a specific service to help you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are a startup or an R+D+i project. How can Nubentos help us?

    We are a startup and know well the uncertainty that accompanies all innovation. That is why we have designed a specific service for you. See details at Startups.

    I am already integrating my API with different clients, why should I use Nubentos?

    We are sure that your product is of quality, and you have the necessary means to integrate your API in different clients. But you’re probably facing scenarios similar to:

    • Some clients, if not all, need small (or not so small) adaptations or developments to integrate your service.
    • Some customers use technologies that complicate integration with your service.
    • Each integration is being resolved with specific projects, perhaps lasting weeks or months, involving technicians from both companies, and requiring constant “sharing” and decisions on data, interface, process flow, etc.

    All these efforts make your customer acquisition more expensive. Not only that, they also make your maintenance and support costs more expensive. And they probably limit your ability to improve your products and develop new services.

    At Nubentos, all of these scenarios simply disappear:

    • You integrate your API with Nubentos once. End of the process for you.
    • Your new customers integrate with Nubentos to consume your API.
    • Cost increase for you: zero euros for each new customer
    • Savings for each new customer acquired through Nubentos: 100%.
    Where should I upload my SDK and documentation?

    If you already have an SDK, and are offering it by any other means, you can continue to do so. Nubentos does not require exclusivity, although being your exclusive sales channel you maximize the profitability of using Nubentos.

    If you are not yet marketing your API, we recommend that you take advantage of our technology to save time, effort and costs, and at the same time maximize your income, making Nubentos your marketing channel for your API.

    At Nubentos, you don’t have to worry about SDKs. Nubentos automatically generates 10 SDKs for each published API. We make sure that your new customers will find the technology that best suits them to integrate your API.

    As for the documentation, you have a specific section to publish it in different formats. But it is very important that in Nubentos you publish documentation adapted to our channel. You will have to replace any reference to your endpoints and SDKs with the endpoints that Nubentos publishes for your API and the SDKs available in our portal.

    We specifically review this detail before authorizing the final release of your API.

    Can I control which customers subscribe to my API?

    Although the greatest agility is achieved with automatic subscription, we understand that in Healthcare there are business cases that require total control over who uses the service. That is why you can request that we activate an advanced subscription process for you, which consists of the new client requesting the subscription, and you can authorize or reject it.

    In addition, you can block a subscriber at any time, for any reason. For example, for misuse of your service, excessive number of errors, etc.

    How do you acquire new customers for my API?

    We have strategies and means dedicated specifically to each segment and channel, and it is one of our key activities, so we are constantly improving it.

    We will coordinate with your marketing team to align messages, ideas, strengths, visual identity and targets, and use our communication resources to give even more visibility to your API to a qualified international audience.

    How does billing work? Should I bill each new customer or will you do so?

    At Nubentos we want to simplify the whole process, and this one too. At the end of each month, Nubentos issues an invoice to each API consumer for 100% of the consumption made. At the same time, we send you a summary of the consumption received by your API, which you will use to invoice Nubentos for 80% of that consumption. We will pay your bill by bank transfer.

    Tus competidores lo saben, no te quedes fuera.

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