From the beginning, Nubentos’ mission has been clear: to bring to the world the most complete Digital Health without limits or barriers. We have made this possible thanks to our catalogue of healthcare innovations, which is constantly being updated. To do this, we must rely on the best solutions from partners and collaborators of all kinds.

Today we are introducing one of our latest partners in Digital Health, iCommunity Labs, whose blockchain-based iBS solution will soon become part of our API Store

iCommunity Labs is a low-code blockchain technology platform that works, like Nubentos, to achieve secure digital transformation for its users’ businesses. By adapting its technology to the needs of companies to make them more efficient and competitive, as they themselves describe on their website, iCommunity provides answers to numerous problems and offers great advantages with its solutions.

iCommunity Labs brings to Nubentos iBS, an API-Rest that allows to easily generate digital evidences and notarize all kinds of content and events in blockchain, without the need to learn how to program Solidity, through a multichain platform that takes care of everything.

At Nubentos we are aware of the needs that the healthcare ecosystem has to solve immediate problems and what solutions are demanded by the actors in it. That is why we choose our partners very carefully, always looking for partnerships that add value to our catalogue.

And this is what Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, reflects on this new partnership. “The birth of Nubentos witnessed the arrival of Blockchain technology and the great opportunities it brings to the healthcare sector. A sector where the protection of information and data privacy is key to advancing the global integration of patient records. We are excited to have iCommunity Labs as part of our supplier network, and thus strengthen our Blockchain technology offering in the service of Healthcare“.

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