Today we come with another great news for Nubentos and the healthcare ecosystem… We have a new partner specialised in one of the most demanded solutions in Digital Health: the Symptom Checker! We are talking about Self Care Decisions, a healthcare player that brings together in its daily work facets as diverse as useful when it comes to developing the perfect digital solution for self-triage: from healthcare operations consultancy, clinical software development, project management to customer service.

Self Care Decisions and the first step in the Patient Journey

As our partner Self Care Decisions rightly says, the first step in the Patient Journey is the symptom check and their mission was to provide the triage solution needed to steer the patient in the right direction. Based on the premise that a symptom can appear at any time, usually at the most inconvenient times, his Symptom Checker aims to provide a quick and safe solution through self-triage.

The Symptom Checker guides that Self Care Decisions presents help patients make the right decisions about what level of care they need, if any, and how to alleviate symptoms of minor illnesses and injuries that they can manage themselves. In short, helping to lighten the process through the possibility of self-triage.

At Nubentos we seek to bring Digital Health closer to the ecosystem, to users and patients as well as to healthcare professionals, to improve communication flows in situations where they are most needed. About that Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos, shares with us his vision about this new partnership. “We are delighted to have the confidence of Self Care Decisions to add their Symptom Checker to our portfolio. Their solution is one of the most important in the Symptom Checker niche. Partners like Self Care Decisions make Nubentos an increasingly powerful proposition for the entire ecosystem“.

Enter Nubentos now and take a look at our catalogue of healthcare innovations, where more and more providers such as Self Care Decisions deposit their solutions to make them available to other actors.