Integration platform for Telemedicine

Discover, test, integrate and monitor more services, at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.


Forget those complex and expensive integration projects

With Nubentos you do not depend on anyone to integrate the services you need: search, find, test and integrate, when you need it.


Promoting Connected Health

Integrate remote monitoring devices so that your doctors can offer a better telemedicine service to their patients.


Forget about expensive licenses to access APIs

In Nubentos you have free access to the APIs, to test them and integrate them into your platform at no cost.


We bring you the services and devices you need

At Nubentos we are working to become the reference portal for Digital Health and Connected Health. If you don’t find what you need, we will add it to our catalogue.


Pay for what you use

With Nubentos the costs only appear when your users use the new integrated service. And they are always adjusted to the use they make.

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