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The challenge of Interoperability in Connected Health

by | Mar 16, 2019 | API Provider, Connected Health | 0 comments

Consider the following scenario: a patient who is in the ICU at any hospital. This patient has more than 10 connected devices, and each device is generating data every few seconds.

What is it that this patient and all the data he has generated can tell us about the opportunity that interoperability in connected health can offer us? What happens to this data? How easy is it for this data to be used afterwards by other units in the hospital? Is it possible to compare the data generated by one patient in one hospital with data generated by another patient in another hospital? And with data from similar patients in the same hospital?

Now let’s broaden the perspective to thousands of patients by generating data in thousands of hospitals around the world. Patients being treated by specialists in radiology, cardiology, oncology and other areas, all connected to multiple devices generating a constant flow of data. And let’s open up the perspective even further and think about the data generated by personal devices like wearables…

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